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The PC-3000 Express Professional System is the fastest, most efficient and most powerful hardware-software solution for recovering data from damaged HDDs based on SATA (Serial ATA) or PATA (IDE) interfaces for numerous vendors (Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Samsung, Maxtor, Quantum, IBM (HGST), HITACHI, TOSHIBA), for various capacities (from 500 MB to 8 TB), for file systems FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, APFS, EXT2/3/4, XFS, ReiserFS, BtrFS, VMFS, UFS1/2, ZFS, DHF4.1, WFS0.x (for video recorders) and virtual machine images.

The PC-3000 Express System is a highly recommended data recovery solution when customers’ time and the speed of data recovery are top priority. It is the best solution for fast data recovery jobs requiring maximum efficiency.

You can operate four data recovery tasks at the same time at the maximum possible speed, which enables you to recover your customer's data in the shortest period of time.

The PC-3000 Express Professional System can be used both by small data recovery labs for urgent tasks and big data recovery companies that require fast turnaround times.


The PC-3000 Express is a hardware-software solution intended for diagnosing and repairing HDDs based on SATA (Serial ATA) and PATA (IDE) interfaces for numerous vendors (Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Samsung, Maxtor, Quantum, IBM (HGST), HITACHI, TOSHIBA), for various capacities (from 500 MB to 8 TB) and various form factors: 3.5" - desktop drives, 2.5" and 1.8" - laptop drives.

The PC-3000 Express coupled with the Data Extractor Express forms the PC-3000 Express Professional System that enables you to recover data from SATA, and PATA (IDE) HDDs. If you wish to repair these HDDs, you need only the PC-3000 Express, and for data recovery you need both the PC-3000 Express and the Data Extractor Express.



The new powerful PC-3000 Express is a six-port tester-board which is inserted into a PCI-Express expansion slot. Six diagnostic ports are 4 SATA ports (data transfer speed up to 133 Mb/sec) and 2 PATA ports (speed up to 100 Mb/sec). The primary ports are SATA0 and SATA1 while SATA2 and SATA3 are switchable with the PATA ports (PATA0 and PATA1). You can connect four drives to the PC-3000 Express simultaneously - two SATA drives and two SATA or PATA drives, depending on your needs. Thus, you can work either with 4 SATA drives or 2 SATA and 2 PATA at the same time.

When developing the new PC-3000 Express system we used our “know-how”, all gained experience and requests from our users who work in data recovery. As a result, we have achieved a significant increase in performance and efficiency, making this professional product the best tool for the contemporary data recovery industry.

Processing modes:

  • SATA x4 — UDMA133, UDMA100, UDMA66, UDMA33, PIO4, PIO3, PIO2, PIO1, PIO0

  • PATA x2 - UDMA100, UDMA66, UDMA33, PIO4, PIO3, PIO2, PIO1, PIO0

Main principles of

PC-3000 functionality

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) consists of three main parts: the Hard Drive Assembly, the printed circuit board and the internal software. If one of these parts is damaged, the HDD does not work. The PC-3000 allows you to diagnose the HDD, fix damaged HDD modules, switch off defective heads, block access to the damaged area of magnetic surfaces, get access to the user data and many other functions.

HDD diagnosis can be done in standard (user) and technological (factory) modes. There are special PC-3000 adapters used for switching the HDD into technological mode to get access to the internal HDD software and user data.

To make initial diagnostics, the PC-3000 universal utility is launched. It diagnoses the HDD in user mode. The following checks are done: if the HDD is identified and if the HDD is password locked; check of surface access by LBA to the user data area and HDD translation system etc. If there are any HDD malfunctions, a special vendor-specific technological utility (intended for a specific HDD vendor) is used to repair the drive and gain access to user data in technological mode

Technological utilities

The PC-3000 Express includes 16 special utilities used for various vendors, architectures and HDD families. Special utilities help to conduct HDD diagnosis on a low level, reveal damages and try to exclude them using special program methods and gain access to user data. If you wish to only repair the HDD and you do not need user data, you can make full drive initialization, switch off damaged heads, hide defects on the magnetic surface and reconfigure the HDD.

PC-3000 EXPRESS.png

All specialized PC-3000 utilities are capable of performing the following actions:

  • diagnose the HDD in technological mode

  • verify and recover the HDD service area

  • read-write Flash ROMs area

  • load service information access program – LDR

  • modify HDD heads configuration tables

  • review defect tables (P-list, G-list, T-list, etc.)

  • hide found defects of magnetic surface

  • recalculate (initialize) translator

  • change configuration and identification parameters

  • reset logs and S.M.A.R.T parameters

  • watch and reset HDD passwords

  • work with the Data Extractor

PC-3000 Expres


PC3000 express kit
1.  PC-3000 UDMA-E controller
2. PC USB PWR adapter
3. PC-USB TERMINAL 2 adapter
4.PC-USB TERMINAL 3 adapter
5. PC-2" adapter
6. SATA-micro SATA adapter
7. MX-SAFE adapter
8. PC-FUJ. SATA adapter
9. PC-QUANTUM adapter
10. PC-SAMSUNG adapter
11 PC-SEAG SATA adapter
12. PC-SEAGATE adapter
13. PC-TOSH. SATA adapter
14. PC-WD 3.5" adapter
15. PC-WD 2.5" adapter
16. ATCS, ATDA probe unlock
17. USB 2.0 Defender cable
18. SATA RAID edition (100 cm) cable
19. UDMA80 (80 cm) flat cable
20. IDC10 (30 cm) cable
21. MX-SAFE power cable
22. SATA HDD (100 cm) power cable
23. PATA HDD (85 cm) power cable
24. PATA-SATA (15 cm) power adapter
25. PC-3000 Express software, resource database
26. User manual
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