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About us.


Data Track System is complete data recovery solution provider, having 20 years of experience in data recovery. We are providing data recovery and forensic solution to Data recovery company's and Cyber Forensic labs across country and overseas, serving public, private and Government sectors.

Data Track System is the pioneer and leading Data Recovery and Cyber Forensic solution company, We are located in central India with most modern tools and equipment to recover data from nearly all data storage media.

With the most advanced technology and use state-of-the-art equipment, together with the highest level of expertise we are able to recover data from any storage device, such as Hard Drives, Mobile, Server, RAID’s, Memory Cards, Flash Drives and from all data storage media. As a result, we present the highest success rate of having full and complete data recovery for our various clients’ cases, leaving them satisfied and secure.We are into data recovery from last 18 years, and are providing services the Corporate, Small businesses, personal users and Govt. Agencies and leading Data Recovery Company’s across India,. We have well equipped lab with the top-notch equipment to recover data.

Our advanced technology, extensive parts inventory, years of experience, enable us to recover data from all hard drives, mobile, storage devices, removable media and flash memory chips. We specialize in recovering data from devices that have been dropped, sustained water or fire damage, suffered corruption, power failure, file deletion or reformatting.

After evaluating the storage device, at no charge, our clients will receive a price quote for their recovery case. This evaluation will determine the recovery costs and the time frame needed to complete the recovery. Our charges are determined by the complexity of the recovery, type of storage device that has failed, the media’s physical or logical/software problem, as well as by the time and expertise needed to fully recover and reconstruct the data.

Once our clients approve the evaluation results we begin the recovery. Before we finalize the data recovery process, as part of the verification of a successful recovery, we will provide the client the results which will allow us to verify the recovery success according to the client’s critical data.

Cyber Forensic solution's

Providing Cyber forensic solution and training to Gov't and PSU, with solutions for.

  • Continuous adaptive risk and  trust assessment

  • Data protection and Governance

  • Identity, payments and Data security

  • Digital Forensic and Incident response

  • Customized Forensic Server and Workstation solution

  • Fiend Forensic tools

  • Mobile Forensic Solution

Our Capabilities

  • Hard Drive Recovery: SATA,  IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD, Nvme and USB, desktops, laptops and notebooks, internal and external hard drives.

  • Server Recovery: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Microsoft file servers, application servers, web servers, RAID, Network Attached Storage, and very large storage area network systems.

  • Database and Application Recovery: SQL Server, Oracle, Access, DBase, FoxPro, MySQL, SAP, MS Office, Exchange, Outlook and others.

  • Removable Media Recovery: Compact Flash/Smart Media, USB drives, flash media, CDs/DVDs and floppy discs

  • Electronic Devices Recovery: MP3 players, DVR/NVR, PDAs, digital cameras, game consoles, home media servers.

  • Mobile data recovery: Get your data from deleted, lost, pattern/ password locked mobiles.

  • Password recovery: Office, PDF, Tally, Tally vault, Outlook,

  • Innovator: We are innovator and developer of high end tools used for onsite Forensic and data recovery.

Why choose us

  • Industry pioneers and one of the only data recovery companies to invest in R&D allow us to complete more successful recoveries.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology, together with top industry engineers, R&D and class 100 clean rooms, enable us to recover most cases.

  • Fast and friendly customer service available immediately with free initial consultation.

  • Data Guarantee Policy: No Recovery = No Charges.

  • Extensive evaluation of the storage device.

  • World's only App and web based CRM (Client Relationship Manager) for data recovery

Our Certificates

ACE CERTIFICATE : Raid recovery
Data recovery training
ISO 9001:2015
MSME certificate
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