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Data Recovery from

Dead | Non Detected | Damage Cards

Data recovery from Pen/Flash Drive.

Over the last few years, the reliability usage and storage capacity of pen drives has increased dramatically to meet the demands of storage capacity. However, there are occasions where Pen Drives fail. This could be for a multitude of reasons, including failures due to natural disasters such as lightning strikes, power surges or down to simple human error, your data is no longer accessible. There are several indications that data has been lost and we have recovered data from pen drives, where normally the data loss situation has been considered.

With experince of 20 years we have successfully recovered data of more then 7500+ pen drives disk of over 20000+ satisfied customer. We are able to get data from almost all case scenario such as.

Deleted Data
Formatted Card
Lost Files
No Detection
Wrong Capacity
No data access
Burned Circuit
No Capacity
Water Damage
Fire Damage
Bad Sector
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